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Operations (BAU)

Our operations service take care of your day-to-day IT infrastructure including managing the provisioning, capacity, performance and availability of the computing, networking and application environment.


We offer a range of operations services – systems operation support, administration, security, performance monitoring, technical troubleshooting, configuration management, system repair management, and generation of management reports. Also included are services to manage and implement business continuation processes and the management of technology assets.


Our operations services encompass a set of capabilities for ensuring that your enterprise infrastructure and applications are optimised and always available for the business. We enable infrastructure, applications, and processes to be managed in a highly automated and service?centric manner.


Our operations services empower your organisation to:

  • Ensure the performance and availability of digital services
  • Align cost and risk decisions with business needs
  • Efficiently run and manage business-dependent technology
  • Respond to problems fast and recommend improvements